Finding A Career Path

“Wish me luck so I can make your dreams come true.” — Wishing Well 😊

If you have no worries about anything—like health, finances, family, relationships, etc., what would you like to be doing right now?


When Feeling Insecure

When Feeling Insecure

Everyone has their own insecurity.

Insecurity is useful when you use it to drive yourself to make yourself better and improve your life. It’s dangerous when you make negative conclusions about yourself, people, and circumstances.

Whenever you feel “small and unimportant” as you hang out with other people you deem “big and important,” ask yourself.

If you were in that “big and important” person’s shoes, would you want “small and unimportant” people to feel insecure around you? Would you discriminate against them? Would you even see them as “small and unimportant”?

If your answer is NO, stop feeling embarrassed about your background and circumstances.

Recognize that


Appreciating What You Have

Appreciating What You Have

Appreciate what you have and be consciously aware that everything has been lent to you—people and things in particular. Your borrowing period could end anytime—without prior notice.

So, savor and enjoy everything while it exists.

And when it’s over, be deeply grateful for having had the opportunity and privilege of experiencing life with the presence of what was graciously lent to you.

Your time of 24 hours today—is it really yours, or other people’s?

Your time of 24 hours today—is it really yours, or other people’s?

Your time of 24 hours today—is it really yours, or other people’s?

If you’re accessible to everybody, you’re not accessible to yourself.

Give more access to yourself and those whose lives are quickened by your presence and interaction with them. Like the love of your life and your beloved children. ❤